1st-5th Grade Field Hockey Clinic:

This is an introduction to the sport of field hockey. This clinic will focus on basic field hockey skills. Here players will learn how to pass, dribble and properly hold the stick. We will focus on cultivating a love of the sport and the value of teamwork while having fun learning the basic skills needed to play.

6th-8th Grade Field Hockey Clinic

Here we will focus on the basic field hockey skills of dribbling, passing, receiving,1v1 offensive and defensive play. We will also build upon prior knowledge of the sport and focus on fine tuning their fundamental skills as well as introduce them to more advanced techniques that will benefit them in the game. We will have fun by playing in small, game-like situations, learning the importance of teamwork and communication, focusing on the importance of initiative, leadership, and confidence while working with teammates.
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Players in grades Pre-K through 3rd will be put through a number of fun drills that target the most important parts of the game. When developing as a young lacrosse player, it is very important for a player to focus on the fundamentals. Boys and Girls will participate in skills drills, 1v1s, mini scrimmages and fun games all while learning the basics of lacrosse and developing a love for the game!

Skills to be covered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cradling
  • Stick protection
  • Ground balls
  • Passing and catching
  • Shooting
  • Dodging
  • Moving with and without the ball
  • Team concepts
  • Unselfish play


The recently renovated indoor Facility includes brand new turf flooring, which allows for year-round training.  The space can be used to host practices and events for training sessions for various sports programs or other organizations. 

  • 13,844 sqft Training Area
  • Indoor AstroTurf
  • Climate Controlled 
The facility includes cement walls in all sections, making it possible for lacrosse teams to practice wall ball. The facility can be utilized by any sports program or other organization looking for a climate controlled space to do their work.

The facility can be rented in its entirety or by section. 
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